In 1989, a group of enthusiasts got together and created a new club called "Dieppe Rétro".


The main purpose of this association is to promote Dieppe and its region through antique car shows and parades. It tries, within the span of a week-end, to revive the great days of the ACF Grand Prix, in particular those of 1907, 1908 and 1912.

In 2012, a hundred vehicles were present including: Oldsmobile, Gregory Schneider, Sunbeam, Panhard Levassor, Citroen, Ford and other Amilcar and Delahaye before 1950 and some other models until 1960.

Since 1989 members of Dieppe RETRO have been organizing these weekends.
They have been able to do so thanks to the partnership of local and regional authorities and the support of numerous sponsors.